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A 4K intro demo is originally referred to an “endless demo”, and is often created to promote a BBS (bulletin board system), or a game crack, a portal or server where anyone can download games. They became immensely popular during the reign of Atari's and Amiga's, before the days of Internet. Nowadays, 64K and 4K INTRO DEMO can refer to any demo written within a strict size limit, where the size of the executable file is limited to 65536 bytes or 4096 bytes, respectively. In order to create these demos, one needs a deep understanding of graphics and low-level programming such as assembler or C/C++. Our team has shown off its nerd talent over the years among our peers, winning numerous prizes, in both the 4K and 64K competitions.

4K demo example
2nd place at Birdie comp no 20, by #hack.se
4K demo example
A 4k intro released at Birdie no 23, by #hack.se

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